Landmark Engineering EPC was awarded the Widefield Water and Sanitation District’s “Lower W-E transmission line for phase 3B” land surveying project in Colorado Springs.

Hear more about the project process from Landmark’s Survey Manager, Jeff VanHorn. “We began calculation of the data and entering the data into our AutoCAD system. We were tasked to stake 2400 linear feet of 24″ water transmission line in Widefield, Colorado.  On Monday, Dan and I traveled to the south end of Colorado Springs for 24″ inch water main staking. This water main connects two portions of the system and will help the water district move water in their system more efficiently.

When we arrived on site, we began our search for control. We looked for the stated control per plans and found that the monuments had been destroyed. We reached out to Clark surveying, and they graciously provided us with an AutoCAD file that had all of their control for the site. Since we did not have access to our AutoCAD computer system, we asked our Engineering Operations coordinator (Beth Whitesell) to assist with assigning coordinate values to the control points.  After we received the file, we began our search for horizontal and vertical control of the site. This allowed us to calibrate our GPS system to site-specific datum.  Then we began staking the 24″ water line. This line was 2400 long and included deflections in the pipe, valves, tee’s, one bore, cut to the pipe, overbends, and sags. The client requested we stake the entire line to the south and on the existing sidewalk. The project was fast and completed in approximately 20 hours of crew field time.”

The Colorado Springs survey project is another excellent example of the Landmark team working closely with our partners and our internal team to complete the job. With the many years of experience and relationships we’ve built with local and state governments and partners, we repeatedly prove that we have the resources to get survey projects completed on time and within budget.

About Landmark EPC

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