We are a Loveland, Colorado-based firm delivering land surveying services to the Rocky Mountain region. We have a team of knowledgeable surveyors familiar with Colorado’s varied terrain and regulations. Our surveying services are backed by years of expertise, so you can rest assured that your project will be handled properly. In addition, we provide a wide range of services to suit your needs, including topographic surveys and ALTA/ACSM surveys.

Why partner with Landmark?

We are a full-service engineering firm allowing our customers to work with one firm for all their engineering needs. Our contractors, surveyors, and engineers work closely from the beginning of our projects to the end to inspect and eliminate any challenges beforehand. We also work jointly with the client throughout the entire process. This applies from the start when getting information about a project to its completion. These joint efforts contribute to the client’s satisfaction with every project handed to us.

Founded over 50 years ago, we have garnered a lot of expertise in site design, landscape architecture, civil and structural engineering. Also, we are enriched in site re-vegetation analysis and oversight, land surveying, and geotechnical services. Moreover, we cater to site master planning, preliminary civil engineering, construction management, and transportation planning.

When it comes to land surveying in Colorado, we are making a mark by delivering these two types of surveys: land title and topographic surveys. Our surveyors will assess and examine all the required property documents in the former. The surveyors will also record each detail such as boundary lines, easements, gradings, changes, and improvements on a property and put them on a map. In the latter, the surveyors will document the slope of the land, foliage, drainage, and structures on a property for easy and accurate use.

Extensive Land Survey Services

Landmark offers nine land surveying services. These include:

  • Boundary verification and staking
  • Legal descriptions and ownership research
  • Topographic surveys
  • Site improvement implementation
  • Property surveys
  • Route surveys
  • Aerial control
  • Electronic data collection
  • CADD Generated Base Mapping

Clients can expect these four items ticked off the list when hiring Landmark for land surveying in Colorado. First and foremost, Landmark surveyors consistently learn about and implement the latest in GPS and survey technology.

Secondly, Landmark has amassed experience from undertaking thousands of projects across the board since 1969. Some of its successful projects include planning the renovations and extensions to the community college in Fort Collins and being the chief designer and engineer on a 90-acre residential and commercial development, among other projects.

Thirdly, high-quality control plays a huge role in our land surveying operations in Colorado. Our survey team uses its Professional Land Surveyors and Professional Engineer leads for accurate and ready-for-use surveys. Furthermore, what is important to Landmark’s Land Survey services is that we have an open communication channel among our teams and with the client to ensure precision in our land surveying.

To learn more about Landmark EPC, reach out to us by booking a consultation with our staff.