Landmark EPC, a pioneer of multi-disciplined engineering and construction firm serving the Rocky Mountain Region, announced its acquisition of Energy Construction. This company prides itself in offering the Oil & Gas Industry high-quality construction and maintenance services since its creation in 2011.

The addition of Energy enables Landmark to diversify its offering to include production, midstream, and interstate pipeline sectors, including facility and pipeline construction, skid and piping fabrication, and maintenance services in the oil and gas industry.

Landmark has effectively completed engineering and construction residential, commercial, and government projects across the Rocky Mountain Region for more than 50 years. Over their five decades in the industry, Landmark engineering and construction teams have influenced in-depth experience and expertise to craft beautiful designs. With the inclusion of Energy Construction, Landmark EPC’s existing construction division will now offer integrated energy solutions with skilled and knowledgeable supervision with experts that rank among the best in the industry.

Landmark EPC’s leadership team, which took over in 2020, brought a new vision and extensive experience to the engineering process by coming with a new and broader perspective. President CJ Rigdon and Vice President of Operations Sam Firth have an objective to change the disconnect between the design and construction processes.

With 50 years of experience in construction, Landmark is an industry leader in construction-driven engineering, which brings design and construction together and finds solutions to make the process simpler with minimal last-minute changes, helping to bridge the gap between the different service providers and customers.

With clear planning and goal of the business’ precise engineering and construction needs, the leadership team has taken to task the work of creating a company and network of construction experts with the skills and knowledge required to service a project from start to finish. By joining the Landmark team, Energy benefits from the leadership and national scale of one of the Rocky Mountain region’s top design-build firms.

The Landmark leadership team has set out to shape the future of engineering and construction and is committed to creating a foundation of safety. By embarking on this new journey with Energy construction and adding skills and facilities to get a project done efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.