Landmark EPC is an engineering company based in Loveland, Colorado. The company aims to change the status quo of the existing engineering process and employ a construction-driven engineering model. This firm caters to the current industry model that involves a better approach to land development.

Landmark EPC’s leadership teams bring a unique perspective to the engineering process. Their approach involves completing all project milestones from the start to the end. Landmark’s EPC team members have a strong background in construction. They understand the existing disconnect between the design and construction process.

Most civil engineering firms do not think projects through to completion, which increases construction challenges. Their approach takes into consideration the challenges the existing model presents. It also considers the preconceptions that drive engineers to make mistakes.

Challenges of the Existing Model’s Approach to Land Development Process

The existing model land development process is design, then civil engineering, and finally construction. These three phases are often unstable, with little consideration of what happens downstream. There’s also often little to no communication between the teams on each stage, which fosters competition.

Constructors bid on the projects based on the civil engineering firm’s design. In cases of any mistakes, contractors are often forced to order change that addresses the issue at the expense of the clients’ resources. In turn, this is not usually communicated back to the civil engineering firm, which causes a further rift between the two teams.

Additionally, extra costs are not often well-received, causing misplaced blame, especially on the constructor. This often leads to disappointments by the clients as designs look good on paper, but the construction process costs more time and money than expected. Lack of communication reduces the chances of civil engineering teams to learn what the construction team can execute, and the design flaw keeps happening.

Benefits of Construction Driven Civil Engineering Approach

Construction-driven engineering’s new approach brings the construction professionals to the process at the beginning phase. Construction professionals work with engineers to try to eliminate possible issues even before the construction begins. The main goal of their approach is to flush out potential issues in executing the design from the very start as opposed to waiting for the project to progress then notifying the design problems.

This approach also adds a lot of value to the client, taking the hassle of dealing with numerous contractors off their plate. They only deal with engineers from the planning phase until the actual construction phase.

Clients also benefit from smoother and more streamlined projects. They get a design that features the construction team’s input leading to lower costs. They also have fewer constructors to manage, making the process a smooth, easy one.

For sub constructors, they can precisely understand the project before the construction phase. They get a clear picture of the project that lets them execute the process with confidence. This eases the estimation process, and subcontractors do not worry about getting price-shopped. It reduces the worry around unknowns that come with the traditional approach.

In Conclusion

Landmark EPC sets a tone for the civil engineering, planning, and construction management services design and planning process. The firm boasts civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, land planning, surveying, construction management, and subsurface engineering expertise.

If you have a development project, check out Landmark EPC for expertise in civil engineering and construction management services. Landmark EPC provides you with one source for all your development project needs. Visit us to schedule a call with our team.