Landmark EPC is excited to add Subsurface Utility Engineering to our portfolio of engineering disciplines. We have partnered with SUE expert Skip McIntosh, who brings 28 years of SUE and underground locating experience.

Adding the SUE division was a strategic move Landmark made to grow our service offering and provide a turnkey solution. Typically engineering firms outsource SUE services to a sub-contractor. Offering Subsurface Utility Engineering services allows Landmark to keep this necessary function in-house and helps limit the number of sub-contractors needed on a project. In addition, the SUE division can collaborate with the professional engineers on our staff to stamp drawings when necessary.

What is Subsurface Utility Engineering?

Subsurface Utility Engineering commonly referred to as SUE, is an engineering discipline focused on investigating underground utilities and determining whether they pose a threat to a land development project. SUE teams utilize utility company drawings, vacuum extraction, and, in our case, technology to determine any potential conflicts or concerns.

SUE work, like any other engineering disciplines, brings its own set of challenges. Skip McIntosh says, “The lack of reliable information on the location of underground utilities during construction activities can result in costly conflicts, damages, delays, utility service disruptions, redesigns, claims, injuries and, even, lost lives.” Landmark’s SUE team addresses these challenges through our depth of experience and our complete offering of engineering disciplines. Our SUE team can collaborate with other divisions to problem solve and ensure our customers are taken care of.

What makes Landmark’s SUE team different?

Landmark differentiates itself from other SUE firms in many ways, but the biggest is our depth of experience. Skip McIntosh, our division leader, brings extensive experience and expertise in SUE to our clients. Skip’s goal is to not only rely on his experience but to bring innovation and technology to the engineering discipline. According to the SUE Leader, “We have the latest technology, with our experienced personal we have the ability to gather Quality level B on most utilities that gives our customer more accurate data.”

Landmark’s subsurface utility engineering services provide our clients with state-of-the-art utility designating services. We use state-of-the-art geophysical sensing equipment to identify, designate survey-grade mapping technology that allows us to locate and map utilities all at the same time. Our team is more efficient, which lowers the cost of our service.

What SUE services does Landmark provide?

Landmark’s Subsurface Utility Engineering division serves many different industries, including utility companies, construction, excavation, federal and State projects, home builders, direction boring, and road builders. We provide full-service SUE, Private Locating, and Vacuum Excavation services that focus on helping our customers identify and avoid expensive, time-consuming problems associated with existing underground utilities before they start.

Landmark EPC looks forward to the additional value the Subsurface Utility Engineering division brings to our customers. We are confident that our clients will benefit from Landmark’s SUE team’s years of experience and expertise. This, coupled with our wide range of other disciplines, gives our clients the ability to contract with one firm for all of their engineering and general contracting needs. To learn more about Landmark EPC’s Subsurface Utility Engineering service, click here.

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About Landmark EPC

Landmark EPC is a multi-disciplined engineering firm based in Loveland, Colorado. With expertise in civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture and land planning, geotechnical services, land surveying, subsurface utility engineering, and construction management, Landmark provides clients with one source for all your development project needs from design and engineering to project management. To learn more about Landmark EPC, click here to schedule a call with our team.